PODCAST | AAAS 2018 Live: Starting a Career in Science Communication

Allyson Kennedy
Apr 12, 2018

In this episode Dr. Allyson Kennedy, a developmental biologist and 2017-18 Science & Technology Policy Fellow at the National Science Foundation, speaks with Monica Feliu-Mojer. Dr. Feliu-Mojer is a neurobiologist and director of communications and science outreach at Ciencia Puerto Rico, and associate director for diversity and communication training at iBiology. They discuss how scientists can transition from careers behind the bench to science communication and how that can allow them to impact local communities through outreach and education. Feliu-Mojer hopes to make people realize that science is truly a part of their everyday lives, and that diverse communities can effectively contribute to an enhanced understanding of various issues by bringing their unique perspectives.


Host: Allyson Kennedy, Ph.D., Developmental Biology
2017-2018 Executive Branch Fellow at the NSF

Monica Feliu-Mojer, Ph.D., Neurobiology
Director of Communications & Science Outreach for Ciencia Puerto Rico
Assoc. Director of Diversity & Communication Training for iBiology


Brannon Green, Ph.D., Neuroscience
2017-2018 Executive Branch Fellow at the National Institutes of Justice

Co-director and Executive Producer

Carlos Faraco, Ph.D., Neuroscience
2016-2018 Executive Branch Fellow at the National Institutes of Justice

Image: AAAS

Allyson Kennedy

Biologist, STEM education advocate and science communicator. 


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