PODCAST | From Food Waste and Wasted Food to Resource Recovery

Ariela Zycherman
Jun 5, 2017

Americans waste 40% of their food. How did we become so wasteful and what can we do about it? Dr. Ariela Zycherman is joined by Dr. Irina Feygina of Climate Central, Jason Turgeon of the Environmental Protection Agency, and Maria Rose Belding and Grant Nelson from the MEANS database for a discussion about what parts of food we waste, why we waste, and what we can do to reduce waste across a variety of social, natural and built systems.


Host: Ariela Zycherman, Ph.D. Anthropologist 2015-2017 Executive Branch Fellow at the National Science Foundation

Irina Feygina, Ph.D. Social Psychology Director of Behavioral Science at Climate Central 2013-2014 Congressional Branch Fellow
Twitter Handel @ClimateCentral

Jason Turgeon, Environmental Protection Agency, Region 1

Maria Rose Belding, Co-Founder/Executive Director, MEANS Database

Grant Nelson, JD Co-Founder, CTO, MEANS Database
Twitter Handel @MEANSDatabase


Carlos Faraco, Ph.D. Nueroscience 2016-2017 Executive Branch Fellow at the National Institute of Justice

Joseph Kliegman, Ph.D. Biophysics 2016-2017 Executive Branch Fellow at the National Science Foundation

Beth Linas, Ph.D. Epidemiologist 2015-17 Executive Branch Fellow at the National Science Foundation

Image: taken from Flickr, by Katie Campbell.

Ariela Zycherman

Ariela is a cultural and applied anthropologist with a background in food systems, livelihoods and environment.


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