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STPF groups are formed and managed by current and alumni fellows. They provide a forum to meet and discuss issues related to areas of targeted interest, including various areas of science, policy, and other topical issues. Affinity group activities range from presentations and discussions with expert guest speakers, to monthly meetings and gatherings over coffee, workshops, full day symposia, and multi-day conferences. Social groups do not necessarily reflect the views of AAAS, its Council, Board of Directors, officers, or members. Social groups are available as a public service, but this does not constitute endorsement by AAAS.
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STPF Affinity Group: Advanced Manufacturing

 This group shares and advances knowledge and passion for advanced manufacturing and sustainability in the U.S. and develops a network of advocates.

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STPF Affinity Group: R Users Group

Sharing knowledge about the statistical programming language R and its use in the federal government.

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STPF Affinity Group: Electoral Reform

Using science and data-driven policy to analyze voting systems and electoral reforms in US elections.

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STPF Affinity Group: STEAM Team

The AAAS Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) Team aims to enhance the development of fellows and their communities by encouraging a multi-directional exchange of values and ideas between fellows, the general population, and groups traditionally underrepresented in STEAM. To accomplish this task, the AAAS STEAM Team fellows have established three primary tenets: mentoring at K-12 schools, catalyzing diversity and inclusion with historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs), and improving the communication and community engagement skills of participating fellows. The ultimate goal of the AAAS STEAM Team is to enable fellows, the general population, and groups traditionally underrepresented in STEAM to participate and feel a sense of belonging in the narrative and process of science.

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STPF Affinity Group: Gathering of Scholars and Doers (GSD)

GSD is for Fellows who want a space to work alongside and with their fellow Fellows. Are you still working on academic papers, or starting a business or not-for-profit, or need some extended work time for projects going on within your Fellowship? Would you benefit from the motivation of an environment where we're all working on something or toward something, with the potential for peer feedback and collaboration, and periodic short discussions on post-Fellowship goals? Come join us and get stuff done!!

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STPF Affinity Group: Fellows over F_ _ty (FoF)

Provides support, resources and peer-mentoring both for current and incoming mid-senior career fellows.

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STPF Affinity Group: Science and Technology Studies (STS)

Science and Technology Studies (STS) looks to enrich our understanding of science policy and communication of the complexity of the place of science in society. This is a theoretical and applied field that explores the coproduction of science, technology, and society. STS views all scientific knowledge as socially embedded, and considers technologies in their social, political, and material context.

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STPF Social Group: SPRQLE

SPRQLE (Science Policy Requires a Queer Lens for Excellence, pronounced “sparkle”) is a new social group for AAAS STPF fellows and alumni who identify under the LGBTIQ umbrella. SPRQLE members gather at monthly meet-ups, both virtual and in-person as conditions allow, and the group plans to offer informal networking with both early-career and established LGBTIQ professionals outside of AAAS STPF. All members of the LGBTIQ community are welcome — prospective SPRQLErs can email the co-chairs Michael Bellecourt ( and Nathan Boyd ( to join the group and receive event invitations.

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STPF Affinity Group: Scientists with Improv Skills (SWIS)

Teaches scientists improvisational comedy skills to improve their ability to communicate with diverse stakeholder groups.

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STPF Affinity Group: U.S. Healthcare Policy

The U.S. Healthcare Policy Affinity Group looks at foundational issues, hot topics, and careers in U.S. healthcare policy with a focus on biomedical and technological advancements.

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